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The main activity of KAVOSZ Zrt. is the provision of loans and cash loans to small business customers, primarily to micro-enterprises. The ultimate goal of the company is to improve the access to finance of domestic micro and small enterprises, which are not or not properly financed by traditional banking methods, primarily by providing preferential financing sources supported by the European Union.

Our task was to come up with a complete digital B2B communication strategy and an online platform, which are serving its consumers, increases brand awareness, familiarizes the product line, and generates leads as well.


Our approach was the following:

  1. Develop the all-new homepage, with a mobile-first approach, as a source of brand and product information, providing useful services like AI-based information guide and online booking engine with full commerce measurement integration.
  2. Define and segment the target audience by tuning in various tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, and processing data given by the company.
  3. Select and activate online tools adequate for segmented audiences by examining early results and utilizing past experiences with other brands.
  4. Create a targeted content strategy by assigning relevant content to these specific marketing tools and platforms.
  5. Create an advertising strategy based on the above.
  6. Measure, analyse, and report data with BIG data engineering methods.
  7. Fine-tune content if necessary, based on results.


We developed the all-new, SEO/SEM-optimized website that subserves lead generation and provides useful content to users at once.

With tools like Instant call, Call me back!, Book an appointment!, Newsletter subscription, and Office finder users can easily and conveniently take the first steps in getting a loan.

Besides visualizing the specific details of the products, we created a blog called “Üzleti percek” (Business news) where users can read about various topics from agrarian news to success stories. It also improves the SEO quality of the page by a large margin.

With a new visual layout and a coherent content strategy, we successfully reformed the brand’s Facebook page which has almost 20 000 followers (as of April 2021). Entries are written in four subjects, in line with the blog’s topics, in order to create an inspirational business portal that increases brand awareness among SOHO and SME entities.

We redefined the brand’s LinkedIn profile as well which follows the same visual guidelines. Important news and in-depth articles are shared here which helps us identifying quality leads.

In a monthly newsletter, users can read about the latest news and reports. This tool deepens the relationship with current customers and creates a direct communication line with decision-makers of small businesses who are looking for a loan.

Moreover, we successfully run ads based on a coherent strategy on various platforms. Engagement-based Google Display, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads are reaching potential customers day by day, and we successfully generate leads via Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook ads using powerful remarketing tools.