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BAUHAUS is a German-headquartered pan-European retail chain offering products for home improvement, gardening, and workshop. It has 250 stores in 19 countries, all across Europe.

The company was the first DIY-store in Europe, implementing a new concept based on the American model in 1960. If someone used to be looking for tools, building materials, paint, or anything else, they had to go from store to store to find everything. With BAUHAUS’ new concept, it has made it easy to buy everything in one place even for professionals. This spirit of innovation has spread throughout Europe and has found many followers. BAUHAUS remains one of the best DIY-store in Europe today.


Our approach was the following:

  1. In-depth content analysis regarding content from the previous year.
  2. Trend analysis regarding user behavior via relevant global and national researches.
  3. Content ecosystem creation best suiting the company’s identity and goals based on analysis.
  4. Configuration of new content regarding platform-specific needs, and a new visual and structural guideline.
  5. Content creation based on the above.
  6. Content activation.
  7. Measurement, analysis, and data report with BIG data engineering methods.
  8. Fine-tuning content if necessary, based on results.


We created an all-new content ecosystem for BAUHAUS by setting up the so-called hashtag model. As the “Expert of the house, garden, and construction” each of the company’s expertise is presented via a label (hashtag) in terms of visuality and content. The coherent usage of these categories helped to highlight the strengths of BAUHAUS for users and increased brand awareness. In addition, new, engaging local content featuring down-to-earth, helpful BAUHAUS experts contributed to the company’s goal of becoming a true love brand in Hungary.

Local Facebook content with close to 1 million views IGTV content

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